Health Economics and management

Presentation of unit

The health economics and management unit carries out research, provides education and provides social services in connection with a wide range of subjects at the crossroads between health care and economics. The vision is that a high-performance and high-quality health (care) system, in which every citizen receives excellent care for the protection and improvement of his/her health and well-being and is also given the opportunity to work on it himself, contributes to a healthy society. The means to achieve this are limited, and this requires well-founded choices and ethical considerations. Our mission is focused on research with great social relevance, and to communicate the results intensively to the public domain.


  • Health economics
  • Cost-effectiveness and Health Technology Assessment
  • Research into the organisation and financing of healthcare (Health Services Research)
  • Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Governance


  • Cost-effectiveness of health promotion and disease prevention (e.g. moving on referral) screening programmes, oral care for the elderly,...)
  • Research into health and happiness
  • Optimisation of care processes and networks
  • Cost effectiveness of informal care
  • Research into financial incentives in health care
  • Research into quality and patient safety

Main activities

  • Education on health economics and health care organisation
  • Research through Chairs and scholarships on the above themes
  • Active participation in the public debate on health care

List of most important projects

  • Sustainability and resilience of the Belgian healthcare system - more information
  • The feasibility of the subsidiarity principle in the chronic care of patients with congenital heart disease.
  • Chair of NN Prospects for a healthy and happy life
  • Health economic evaluations of screening programmes in Flanders
  • Health economic evaluations of prevention policy in Flanders
  • Integrated care in the first line (part of the CORTEXS consortium)
  • Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of supporting informal carers
  • Adjusting the payment of primary care providers to promote greater cooperation
  • Research into the social cost of Lyme disease
  • Governance of health care networks


Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans - full professor of health and welfare economics

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