Philosophy of Medicine and Ethics

Presentation of unit

The scope of this research group is to address philosophical topics that are at the heart of healthcare, like the impact of technology on today’s medicine


  • E-health
  • Ethics of genetics
  • autonomy and responsibility in health care
  • Medicalisation
  • Research ethics
  • Phenomenology and medicine
  • Moral distress

Main activities

  • Research meetings on medical philosophy and ethics
  • Organization of seminars
  • Scientific meetings

Teaching activities:

  • We are highly involved in education, providing courses and lectures on ethics and philosophy of medicine for students across all disciplines within the faculty of medicine. This includes medical students, physical therapy students, nursing student, occupational therapy students, pharmacolog, etc.

List of most important projects

  • Meanings of thinness and dysfunctional eating among black adolescents in post-apartheid South Africa'
  • Incidental findings in genome-wide sequencing in persons with a mendelian disease: a bioethical study.:
  • Treating the real or the digital patient? Impact of the electronic health record on the patient-provider relationship.
  • The experience of subjectivity of patients with testicular cancer: a qualitative study.
  • Is sharing a better way of caring? Ethical considerations regarding informational privacy and secondary uses of medical data.

More information about the projects


  • Prof. Ignaas Devisch
  • Kristien Spooren (Phd)
  • Prof. Kasper Raus (guest professor)
  • Dr. Uus Knops

  • Drs. Greet Vanhoutte


Prof. Ignaas Devisch