Communities - Comparisons - Connections


The research group Communities Comparisons Connections is composed out of historians and social scientists and aims at studying historical processes from an international, comparative and global point of view. Our focus on Communities Comparisons and Connections is applied to a variety of research topics: case- and regional studies from a comparative perspective, research into broad societal shifts with global ramifications and into various models of explanation for social change on a global and longue-durée scale. Much attention is paid to different units of analysis (societies, states, civilizations, networks, systems etc.) and to methods to investigate processes on a global scale (comparative analysis, system-analysis, network-analysis etc.) CCC is a cross departmental research group, bringing together a varied group of scholars, focusing on a broad specter of thematic, temporal and regional foci, ranging from the Middle-East, via Africa and Asia, to Europe and the Americas. During our monthly meetings, we discuss our current affairs, new work of our colleagues, as well as new developments in the field.