About us

The Department of History prides itself on its broad range of expertise in the academic field of history, both in terms of historical periods (from ancient to contemporary) and with regard to theories, schools and methodologies (e.g. ecological history, social history, oral history). The Department of History as we know it today saw the light of day in 2010, when the former period-specific history departments at Ghent University joined hands, which has consolidated and enhanced collaboration and cross-pollination across the boundaries of time and theory. At present, over 100 people work at the history department, organized into six research units.

The current head of department is Prof. Dr. Jeroen Deploige, who is assisted by the departmental secretary, Ms Astrid Schoeters.

Research Committee

The departmental research committee, chaired by Prof. Dr. Steven Vanderputten and supported by Dr. Julie Van Bogaert offers advice and support to the six research units, welcomes auditing commissions and manages internal research funds.

This committee (chair: Prof. dr. Peter Van Nuffelen, secretary: dr. Jonas Roelens, curriculum manager: Astrid Schoeters) oversees the academic programmes in history and is in charge of educational quality control. The committee is made up not only of faculty, assistants, researchers, but most importantly also of students, who have a big say in educational matters, accounting for one third of all members.

Examination Committee

The second important committee in the History Programme is the Examination Committee (secretary: Prof. Dr. Antoon Vrints), comprising all course coordinators. The committee examines whether a given student may or may not pass a certain course or programme and whether s/he will be awarded a degree. The committee also decides on distinctions awarded to graduates (pass, distinction, great distinction, the greatest distinction). In the event of examination fraud, the committee takes apt measures implementing the university regulations.


The departmental library is integrated into the central library of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy.