A digital community for Classicists in Ghent and beyond

Portrait 2The GICS podcast channel was launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to bring together the large group of scientists of Classical Antiquity in Ghent, spread over the departments of History, Archaeology, Literary Sciences, Linguistics, Philosophy and Law.

Every two weeks we talk to researchers about their work, their motivations and their views on the position of Classical Studies in society.

In this way we hope to contribute to a close-knit community of Classical scientists in Ghent and beyond. 


  • Series 1 (2020-2021): Classicists in transition
  • Series 2 (2022-2023): Classicists on the move - travel stories from the Ghent Classics community

Classicists on the move

This year's podcast series is hosted by Dimitri Van Limbergen and Piril Us MacLennan and is centered around the important facet of mobility within academia.

Guests are invited to deliver a short interview (ca. 15-20 minutes) on a particular travel episode in their professional career (current or past), focusing on interesting, funny and/or inspiring anecdotes, while at the same time telling a story that teaches us something about the field of Classics or on the specific study domain of the guest.

Episode 1

Andy HilkensThe first episode of this season features dr. Andy Hilkens, an ancient historian specializing in Syro-Armenian Studies who recently moved from Ghent to Oxford University. 

You can listen to this episode on Podbean