The staff of the Department of Literary Studies provide teaching about literary theory and literature from the following language areas: Dutch, German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Swedish.

The Department of Literary Studies contributes to the Bachelor in Linguistics and Literary Studies, three one-year Master’s degrees (Linguistics and Literary Studies, Historical Linguistics and Literary Studies, and Comparative Modern Literary Studies), a two-year Educational Master’s degree and the Flemish Inter-University Master’s Programme in Literary Studies.

Bachelor's and Master's Programmes

All information about our Bachelor's and Master's programmes can be found on in the Studiekiezer (in Dutch).

Advanced Master's Programme

Several members of staff contribute to the inter-univeristary Advanced Master's Programme in Literary Studies (coordinated by Leuven).

PhD Training

Lifelong learning

For a broad audience of "lifelong learners", we provide lectures and courses via our Humanities Academie (in Dutch).