Programme committee

The Programme Committees advise the faculties on the education of specific courses. The programmes of Philosophy and Moral Sciences are organised by the Programme Committee Philosophy and Moral Sciences. This committee draws up the programmes and appoints the lecturers for the courses. Students are also represented in the Programme Committee.

Chairman Programme Committee Philosophy and Moral Sciences
Prof. Dr. Maarten Van Dyck
Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Ghent
2nd floor classroom 016
Telephone: 09 264 41 02
The secretary of this programme committee is Emilie Vanmeerhaeghe


During the meeting of the Education Council Bureau on 24/03/97, the assignment of the Programme Committees was specified as follows:

The Programme Committees are permanent advisory bodies of the faculties with regard to the general policy and organisation of education of the course(s) concerned.
In this context, they are responsible for determining the objectives, the design and the practical implementation of the content of the education, for the course and the supervision of the teaching-learning processes.
Their task also includes the continuous optimisation of the quality of education.
As such, they are in charge of the overall curriculum construction for one or more programmes (development, implementation and evaluation).


The composition of the Programme Committees (OC) was established by the Executive Council of Ghent University in its meeting of 27 March 1992:

Each faculty sets up a Programme Committee for each programme or group of closely related programmes (which may also include members from other faculties, if desired).
At least half of the members of each Programme Committee must be independent academic staff (including permanently appointed academic staff involved in education);
At least one-third of every Programme Committee must consist of students;
The assisting academic staff (AAP) (including temporary funders involved in education) must be represented in the Programme Committee.
Each faculty is free to issue additional general guidelines with which all Programme Committees within its own faculty must comply (such as a recommended limitation of the total number of members to e.g. 18).
A Programme Committee has a chairperson and a secretary.