Moral sciences

The Moral Sciences programme aims to provide insight into moral thought and action in the broadest sense of the word. It does so in the first place by thoroughly studying the most important approaches from ethics and philosophy.

Besides the more theoretical approach, it is also important to gain insight into the moral ideas, reasoning and behaviour of individuals and groups, both past and present. This knowledge of human and society is filled in by the study of the so-called humanities such as history, literature, sociology and psychology. During the study programme, the bridge between these two pillars is also built, ultimately culminating in an integrated empirical and philosophical study of values, norms and world views.

With the help of this foundation, you can develop into a critical citizen capable of providing a reasoned vision of the complex problems of our society. Philosophical ethics and moral sciences have this critical task in common. The moral sciences, however, are more application-oriented. They strive for concrete results for upbringing, education, training, assistance, politics ...

Practical Information

Detailed information about the Moral Sciences programme and professional perspectives can be found in the study guide:

study guide Bachelor of Arts in moral sciences
study guide Master of Arts in moral sciences