World Leading R&D

Innovation and research are backed by an extensive network of universities, research centers, incubators and knowledge clusters. Ghent University prides itself with more than 7000 forwardthinking researchers and its state-of-the-art research infrastructure. Together with its international R&D network, Ghent is one of the strongest economic drivers for growth in the Flanders region, and beyond.

Investment Opportunities

Thanks to our strategic location in the heart of Europe, Ghent becomes more and more attractive to both national and international investors. With one of the biggest talent pools in the country, easily accessible R&D funding and a strong patent position in medical technology areas, Ghent offers appealing investment opportunities.

Prone Crawl Breast Couch

Prown Crawl Breast Couch

DG Mapping for Atrial Tachyarrhythmias

DG Mapping for atrial tachyarrhythmias

Pulmonary vein isolationPulmonary Vein Isolation


Implantable dural venous sinus access devices (DVSAD)Implantable Dural Venous Sinus Access Device

    Network of Care-Organisations

    Flanders is one of Europe’s top regions for the number of companies conducting (pre)clinical trials. The close cooperation between hospitals, universities, research centers and pharmaceutical players has created an ideal environment for all stages in the development of any innovative medical device.

    Success stories

    Succes stories include Indigo, Molecubes, Epilog and FEops.