Meet the professors

Professor Roel BaetsRoel Baets

Roel Baets is professor and coordinator of the Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC), and director of NB-Photonics. His research focuses on photonic integrated components for new application areas, such as smart sensors, biomedical instrumentation and spectroscopy. He has made contributions to research on semiconductor laser diodes, guided wave and grating devices and to the design and fabrication of photonic ICs, both in III-V semiconductors and in silicon. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Professor Johan BauwelinckJohan Bauwelinck

Johan Bauwelinck is professor at the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) and leads the INTEC Design group. His research focuses on high-speed, high-frequency (opto-) electronic circuits and systems, and their applications on chip and board level, including transmitter and receiver analog front-ends for wireless, wired and fiber-optic communication or instrumentation systems.


Professor Jeroen BeeckmanJeroen Beeckman

Jeroen Beeckman is professor at the Liquid Crystals and Photonics Group of the Department of Electronics and Information Systems. His main researhch focuses on liquid crystals for display and non-display applications and electro-optic materials, and he is highly active on the NB-Photonics development of liquid crystals for large area photonics and the modulation of silicon waveguides with electro-optic materials such as PZT and BTO.  

Professor Filip BeunisFilip Beunis

Filip Beunis is professor at the Liquid Crystal and Photonics Group of the Department of Electronics and Information Systems. His expertise in optical trapping and electrophoresis to study charging events on colloidal particles is used in NB-Photonics for developing optical and electrical manipulation and detection techniques for single colloidal particles and living cells. These techniques are implemented on-chip, or combined with advanced fluorescence and confocal microscopy, to study systems ranging from biosensors to electronic ink.

Professor Peter BienstmanPieter Bienstman

Peter Bienstman is professor at the Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC). His research interests include applications of nanophotonics (biosensors, photonic information processing) and nanophotonics modelling. He has expertise in novel paradigms for massively parallel nanophotonic information processing, and coordinates NB-Photonics activities in sensitive integrated label-free biosensors for multiplexed detection of proteins and DNA.

Professor Wim BogaertsWim Bogaerts

Wim Bogaerts is professor at the Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC). His research focuses on the design challenges for silicon photonics: large-scale integration, circuit complexity, tolerances and multiphysics circuit simulation. He works closely with imec on the development of the silicon photonics technology platform and the Optical IO industrial affiliation program, and maintains a strong interest in telecommunications, information technology and applied sciences. He is involved in the NB-Photonics developments on photonic circuits for sensing and spectroscopic applications.

Professor Kevin BraeckmansKevin Braeckmans

Kevin Braeckmans is professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and leads the Biophotonic Imaging Group hosted by the Laboratory of General Biochemistry and Physical Pharmacy. His research topics involve the development of novel microscopy techniques for measuring molecular dynamics and their application to the study of extra- and intracellular barriers for drug and gene delivery. He coordinates NB-Photonics research activities in (bio)-Imaging of nanosized matter and biomolecules.

Professor Christophe DetavernierChristophe Detavernier

Christophe Detavernier is professor at the Department of Solid State Science. His current research interests include atomic layer deposition and in-situ metrology during growth/annealing of thin films. He is actively involved in the conformal coating of nanoporous materials that are used for applications such as in catalysis, molecular separation, energy storage, and fuel cells.  


Professor Peter DubruelPeter Dubruel

Peter Dubruel is professor at the Faculty of Sciences and heads the Polymer Chemistry & Biomaterials Research Group. His current research interests include functional polymers for biomedical and optical applications. He coordinates NB-Photonics developments in active nano-photonic implants, and is involved in new material development across multiple NB-Photonics areas. 


Professor Zeger HensZeger Hens

Zeger Hens is professor at the Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures research group. His research focuses on the synthesis, the characterization and the application of colloidal nanocrystals. He has expertise on electronic properties of semiconductor quantum dots, and coordinates NB-Photonics activities in large area photonics through nanostructured materials.  

Professor Bart Kuyken


Bart Kuyken is a professor at Photonics Research Group, Departement of Information Technology (INTEC). His research focuses on ultrafast nonlinear interactions and optical comb generation in integrated photonic devices with applications in the field of ultra-short pulse generation, broadband spectroscopy and metrology.



Professor Nicolas Le Thomas

Nicolas Le Thomas is professor at the Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC). His research focus is Nicolas Le Thomason integrated photonic crystals structures for biosensor applications, optical microscopy, optical signal processing, and integrated nanolasers based on colloidal nanocrystals.  



Professor Iwan MoreelsIwan Moreels

Iwan Moreels is professor at the Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures research group, where he focuses on 2D nanocrystals. He has extensive expertise in the fabrication of various colloidal nanomaterials, and the characterization of fluorescent quantum dots using optical spectroscopy


Professor Geert MorthierGeert Morthier

Geert Morthier is professor at the Photonic Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC), and staff member of imec. His research interests are modelling and characterization of optoelectronic components. He has expertise on dealing with control of widely tunable laser diodes and on all-optical logic and routing based on heterogeneous InP on silicon technology. He is involved in activities across multiple NB-Photonics fields. 

Professor Kristiaan NeytsKristiaan Neyts

Kristiaan Neyts is professor and head of the Liquid Crystals and Photonics Group, Department of  Electronics and Information Systems. He is involved in many industrial, university and European projects in the fields of liquid crystals, electrophoresis and light emitting devices. He is coordinator of NB-Photonics developments in electro-optical particle manipulation. 


Professor Dirk PoelmanDirk Poleman

Dirk Poelman is professor at the Department of Solid State Science and team leader of LumiLab. He has particular interests in thin film optics and analog electronics. His research group investigates luminescent materials for LED lighting, medical imaging, solar cells and emergency illumination, and his NB-Photonics  contributions include developments in large area photonics. 


Professor Gunther RoelkensGunther Roelkens

Gunther Roelkens is professor at the Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC). His research interests include heterogeneous III-V/silicon photonic integrated circuits for telecommunication and sensing applications and silicon-based nonlinear optical circuits. He haas expertise on mid-infrared photonic integrated circuits, and coordinates NB-Photonics activities in integrated photonic systems for mid-infrared biospectroscopy. 

Professor Andre G. SkirtachAndre Skirtach

Andre G. Skirtach is professor at the Department of Molecular Biotechnology. His main research interests are development of biological applications using new photonics/physics devices and novel materials. He is involved in multiple areas within the scope of NB-Photonics. 



Professor Philippe SmetPhilippe Smet

Philippe Smet is professor at the Department of Solid State Sciences, in the field of ‘Physics and Chemistry of Condensed Matter’, and co-leads the Lumilab research group. He is working on persistent (or glow-in-the-dark) phosphors and on rare-earth doped conversion phosphors for light-emitting diodes. Another research topic is the development of a time-resolved spectroscopic cathodoluminescence (CL) setup in combination with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). His NB-Photonics contributions are in large area photonics and development of a UV-VIS-NIR SEM-CL setup as an advanced analytical tool.

Professor Geert Van SteenbergeGeert Van Steenberge

Geert Van Steenberge is professor at the Centre for Microsystems Technology (CMST). Under him, the group built up a technology and photonic packaging platform allowing for the hybrid integration of large area optical waveguides, coupling structures, photonic integrated circuits, lasers and detectors, and electronic circuitry on both rigid, flexible, and stretchable substrates. He has expertise in evolving laser processing to an enabling technology for complex photonic structures, with developments in laser direct imaging, material removal through ablation, femtosecond laser direct writing of 3D waveguides in glass, and laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) for fast prototyping of micro- and nanoscale structures.

Professor Filip Strubbe Filip Strubbe

Filip Strubbe is professor at the Liquid Crystals and Photonics group, Department of Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS). His research focuses on measuring and understanding the properties, transport and interactions of nanoparticles in liquid by electrophoresis and electrokinetic trapping at the single-particle level.​


Professor Dries Van ThourhoutDries Van Thourhout

Dries Van Thourhout is professor at the Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Systems (INTEC). His research focuses on integrated photonic devices, and involve silicon nanophotonic devices, heterogeneous integration of InP-on-silicon and integration of nanocrystals in optical waveguides. He coordinates NB-Photonics activities in ultra-low-power high speed optical sources and switching. 


Professor Pieter Geiregat Pieter Geiregat

Pieter Geiregat is assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at Ghent University. He is active in the field of ultrafast optical spectroscopy  of  nanoscalematerials. The goal is to use the advanced spectroscopy as a tool to characterize and optimize low cost, energy efficient nanoscale materials and ensuing nano-photonic devices for next-generation on-chip data-transfer, imaging and sensing.


Professor Kasper Van Gasse Kasper

Kasper Van Gasse is an assistant professor at the Photonics Research Group of Ghent University/imec. In 2019 he received his PhD from the 

same group and  performed postdoctoral research at both the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and Stanford University.

His research is focused on integrated laser metrology with applications ranging from laser spectroscopy to optical control of quantum systems.

Professor Yanlu Li  Yanlu

Yanlu Li is professor at the Photonics Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC). He received a Ph.D. degree in Photonics from Ghent University in 2013. His research focus is on various non-destructive or non-contact sensing applications based on integrated photonic devices, especially using integrated multi-beam laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV).

Professor Alberto G. CurtoAlberto

Alberto G. Curto obtained his BSc in Physics from the University of Salamanca (Spain) in 2007. Between 2008 and 2013, he worked towards his MSc and PhD in Photonics from ICFO, the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona. Alberto worked as a postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow at Stanford University (USA) from 2013 to 2016. He was appointed Assistant Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in 2016. He received an NWO START-UP Grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research in 2018 and ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council in 2020. In 2021 he was designated as OSA Senior Member of the Optical Society. As of June 2022, Alberto joined the Photonics Research Group at Ghent University-imec.