Doctoral School Seminars* 

Every academic year NB-Photonics organizes a monthly seminar series with sessions on hot research topics in photonics, industrial applications of photonics, entrepreneurship and transferable skills.

*(sponsored by DS UGent)


Note for students:

In order to get the "NB-Photonics seminar series" added as a course in your curriculum you need to have an absolute minimum of 16 contact hours.

Each seminar is counted as 2 contact hours

Whole day activity like "Optical spectroscopy event" counted as 4 contact hours. 


Master degree

The NB-Photonics professors work in diverse research domains related to photonics. This goes from fundamental material research to innovative product demonstrations (smart sensors for IoT and medical devices). There is a specialized master program in Photonics -you can enrol via this link.

Also if you are interested in a master thesis and have an interesting idea for master thesis contact the professors. The thesis topic can be focused on fundamental science or applications. For the latter, research in collaboration with industry is also possible.  



NB-Photonics promotes the yearly Silicon Photonics summer school organized by ePIXfab.

For further details visit the dedicated website.