List of past seminars 2018-2019

Speaker Seminar topic Date Location
Optical spectroscopy event Optical spectroscopy event  21-09-2018 AUD, iGent
prof. Ton Koonen Optical wireless communication 05-10-2018 AUD, iGent
prof. Brian Cunningham

New Forms of Microscopy Enabled by Nanostructured Surfaces

09-11-2018 AUD, iGent
prof. Dick Broer How to keep the Mars rover clean using light responsive LCs 07-12-2018 AUD, iGent
Wilmert DeBosscher

Taking (Y)our Life by Storm: Photonics in Thin Film Coatings

07-01-2019 AUD, iGent
prof. Dirk Van Dyck (Xenomatix) LIDAR for self-driving cars 01-02-2019 AUD,iGent
Event for the local UGent spin offs Talks by the companies and exhibit of their products 01-03-2019 AUD,iGent
Philippe Bolle (Skylane Optics) Evolution of the transport of data from FTTH to 5G  and  inside the building for LPAN IoT 05-04-2019 AUD,iGent

prof. Hannes Hubel

prof. Stephane Clemmen

Quantum optics

03-05-2019 AUD,iGent

prof. Dirk Poelman

Showcasing the new spectrophotometer 03-06-2019 AUD, S12
prof. Ronnie Belmans 

Power to the people: a distributed energy system to serve you


AUD, iGent


Note for students:

In order to get the "NB-Photonics seminar series" added as a course in your curriculum you need to have an absolute minimum of 16 contact hours.

Each seminar is counted as 2 contact hours

Whole day activity like "Optical spectroscopy event" counted as 4 contact hours.