Past Seminars 2019-2020

Speaker Seminar topic Date Location
5G Worshop

5G Workshop 

slides Ingrid Moerman

Slides Olivier Caytan

20-09-2019 AUD, iGent
prof. Wim Bogaerts

Programmable Photonics 

seminar slides

11-10-2019 AUD, iGent

dr. Bert Jan Offrein

(Manager, Photonics, IBM Research, Zurich)

Photonic signal processing for neuromorphic computing systems


AUD, iGent

Carlos Lee

(Director Gerenal at EPIC)

The role of a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) in the major technology trends from Quantum to LIDAR


AUD, iGent

dr. Lieven Penninck (CTO, PLANOPSIM, Melle)

Optical Metasurfaces: how-to replace bulky lenses by sub-wavelength structures 10-01-2020 AUD, iGent

dr. Paraskevas Bakopoulos

(Sr. Staff Engineer, Mellanox Technologies, Greece)

Optical interconnects for datacenter networks
07-02-2020 AUD , iGent

Prof. Poul B. Petersen

(Associate professor at RU Bochum, Germany)

Advances in Nonlinear Infrared Spectroscopy to Probe Interfaces 06-03-2020 AUD, iGent

dr. Amin Abbasi, (RF/Photonic engineer at Antwerp Space, Antwerp)

Photonics for Space application, limitation and requirement 05-06-2020 AUD,iGent

Esther De Smet

Birds of a feather tweet together 03-07-2020 AUD,iGent