Seminars 2021-2022


Seminar Topic




Topical workshop  "Photonics in HE" 

24-09-2021 online
Jean-Paul Linnartz (Research Fellow at Signify and a Professor in the EE Signal Processing group of TU Eindhoven)

Optical Wireless Communication: merging insights from radio systems, fiber communications and from photonics  



prof. Andrés Vásquez Quintero, PhD

CTO & Co-founder of Azalea Vision


Improving people's quality of life through better vision

03-12-2021 online

Arnold Kruize (Jeol)

The latest developments on analytical techniques in High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy


07-01-2022 online 
Korneel Rabaey (Co-founder and CTO of CAPTURE)

CAPTURE – joining research for a circular society




Joint seminar by prof. Yanlu Li & Kasper Van Gasse (UGent)

"Measuring vibrations with light- why and how"

"On-chip metrology lasers: from dual-comb spectroscopy to quantum systems "

04-03-2022 online 
Thijs Spuesens (CTO, Sentea)

"Why fiber optic sensors and why now"

08-04-2022 AUD (iGent) 
prof. Pol Van Dorpe (Fellow at imec)

"Integrated photonics at visible wavelengths for sensing & imaging"

06-05-2022 AUD (iGent)
Freddy De Pestel (R&D manager BelGaN)

"Introduction to BelGaN, bringing III-V )Al) GaN semiconductor devices into production in Belgium"

03-06-2022 AUD (iGent)
Pieter Arickx (Global Commercial Director for the Electro-Optics Materials business unit at Umicore)

Eka-silicon: the “new” material for photonics

01-07-2022 AUD (iGent)