IOF Business Development Center

The IOF Business Development Center of Center for Nano- and Biophotonics (NB-Photonics) is responsible for technology transfer and the valorization of research results in the field of photonics. Join our mission and get access to the latest photonics technologies.

Industrial Research Fund (IOF)

NB-photonics operates at crossroads such as

  • Photonic integrated circuits and lab-on-chip approaches
  • Nanomaterials development
  • Electro-optical particle manipulation
  • Monitoring, characterization and imaging of biological systems.

and is supported by the Flemish Industrial Research Fund (IOF) to facilitate technology transfer and valorization

The ultimate aim is to transfer high-impact photonics technologies to companies and to create new spin-off companies. We are always looking for industrial partners and investors to join us in this effort.


IOF funding mechanism

The NB-photonics consortium has internal strategic roadmaps for selected photonic technologies. With funding from the Flemish industrial research fund (IOF) we will mature and de-risk these technologies further.  Below the different IOF funding possibilities are shown. 

 IOF funding possibilities


Currently we are looking for companies to support IOF-projects with an interest in:

  • Quantum dot technology for IR sensors
  • Miniaturized comb lasers
  • BTO and PZT (Lead zirconate titanate) material development
  • Liquid Crystal optics for AR/VR and HUD applications

Industrial collaborations

NB-Photonics is open to different collaboration models with companies: 

  • Bilateral research projects
  • As a partner in National or European funded projects
  • Co-development of technologies
  • Licensing of patents (portfolio of 80+ patents)
  • PhD projects with industrial application 
  • Master thesis or internship


The IOF business developer will help to set up the collaboration with minimization of the administrative load and focus on effective collaborations.

Use cases

As inspiration for collaboration we list here a few use cases of photonics technologies that were developed by the NB-photonics consortium in collaboration with industry and other research partners.


NB-photonics is proud of its 8 spin-offs. You can read more about their activities and incubation via this link.

Work with us

If you have an innovation challenge that requires photonics expertise, we are happy to see how we can collaborate. Contact us here to start.