Why Photonics

Photonics is literally everywhere around us: from smart phone displays and cameras to KETfiber-optic broadband communication and lighting, from healthcare to farming and food production as well as in security and safety. Photonics technologies provide competitive advantages to many vital manufacturing industries in Europe. The  European commission has designated Photonics as one  of the  key enabling technologies of Europe. Innovations in Photonics will deliver some of the following benefits by 2030:


  • Instant diagnosis of major diseases 
  • Quality food from farm to fork
  • Accident and congestion-free road transport
  • A truly circular  economy
  • Zero downtime in a terabit economy
  • Millions of new jobs 


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The future possibilities are boundless, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that, just as the 20th century was the age of the electron, the 21st century is the era of the photon. 





image courtesy: https://www.photonics21.org/