Start date Title
27-01-2023 11:30 Lecture 'Stress-induced clustering of the stress sensor IRE1α is driven by the intrinsically disordered regions within its ER lumenal domain'
29-01-2023 10:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: Dynamic Incremental Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering for Data Stream Classification'
31-01-2023 09:00 Workshop 'The Reuse of Ancient and Late Antique Narratives in the Medieval Middle East and Beyond'
31-01-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Research and Entrepreneurship'
01-02-2023 10:00 Happening: 'Meet & Greet with the Ghent University Global Campus'
01-02-2023 10:00 Info session 'Meet & Greet Ghent University Global Campus'
01-02-2023 15:00 Symposium 'Meet the PhD Jury: Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery'
07-02-2023 09:00 Symposium 'Research Day'
09-02-2023 09:00 Workshop 'Serving the Sultan: Religious Diversity in Gujarat under Islamic Rule'
10-02-2023 12:00 Workshop 'Literary Studies'
10-02-2023 12:00 Info session 'Knowledge 2 connect: Managing stress and building resilience for researchers'
10-02-2023 15:00 Lecture 'On the risk of bias and how to account for it in Meta-Analysis'
15-02-2023 19:00 Lecture 'A basic introduction to the Dutch language'
16-02-2023 17:30 Lecture 'Digital twins or hemodynamics modelling for clinical applications: are we there yet?'
16-02-2023 17:30 Symposium 'The synergy between biomechanics and medical research'
21-02-2023 14:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: How Hydrogeology Is Succeeding and Failing Society and What We Can Do about It'
22-02-2023 19:00 Lecture 'The Urban Roots of Medieval Europe: the contribution of the cities of Flanders'
23-02-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Geology in the picture: Tree Story: the history of our climate written in rings'
01-03-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Geography and landscapes of the Low Countries'
03-03-2023 15:00 Workshop 'DO! Innovation Bootcamp '
08-03-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Dutch Literature and the Visual Arts since 1600'
14-03-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Buddhist Studies: Monastic and Daily Life'
15-03-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Rubens or Rembrandt? Art, Politics and the Roots of Belgium and the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries'
17-03-2023 00:00 Symposium 'Advanced Therapies and Tissue Engineering'
22-03-2023 19:00 Lecture 'The Media in Flanders'
23-03-2023 09:00 'Interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers'
23-03-2023 16:30 Lecture 'Bone mechanoadaptation in infancy'
29-03-2023 19:00 Lecture 'The Belgian federation: origins, functioning, prospects'
19-04-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Polyphonic Music in the Low Countries'
26-04-2023 19:00 Lecture 'The position of Flanders in the Belgian Economy'
03-05-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Ending life and procreating in Flanders and in the Netherlands'
10-05-2023 19:00 Lecture 'From the Belgian Colonial War to the murder of Patrice Lumumba, 1876-1961'
26-05-2023 12:00 Info session 'Knowledge 2 connect: Authoring for Cochrane – how can Cochrane Belgium help you and experiences from a Kidney and Transplant reviewer'
16-06-2023 12:00 Info session 'Knowledge 2 connect: Helping your audience find and understand your academic paper'
06-09-2023 09:00 Symposium 'The Lighthouse Function of Social Law'