Start date Title
04-06-2024 10:30 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction: process capabilities and scaling principles'
04-06-2024 14:00 Symposium 'Meet the PhD Jury: Cross-kingdom intracellular interactions: Mechanistic insights and long-term consequences'
04-06-2024 16:30 Lecture 'Being a scientist in public space: how to share your expertise?'
05-06-2024 10:30 Debate 'Conflicting Temporalities: Constitutional Law, Crisis, and the Far-Right during the Interwar in Europe'
05-06-2024 17:00 Symposium 'International Conference DCD15-IMDRC6'
06-06-2024 13:00 Symposium 'Causal Inference in Psychology and Applied Health Sciences'
06-06-2024 14:00 Lecture 'Studying the Life and Work of Yekaterine Bahaturian (1870-1944), an Armenian Writer from Artsakh'
10-06-2024 13:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: Unraveling the process of understanding Generative AI outputs. An eye-tracking study.'
11-06-2024 13:00 Lecture 'Deployments of memory with the tools of law - the case of Poland'
13-06-2024 10:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: Computational hemodynamics applied to liver radioembolization and the Fontan circulation'
14-06-2024 12:00 Lecture 'Lunch Seminar Human Structure and Repair'
19-06-2024 14:00 Symposium 'Meet the PhD Jury: Skeletal muscle biology in relation to exercise and health'
20-06-2024 13:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD jury: Calf health anno 2024: what do we really need?'
26-06-2024 09:30 Lecture 'Meet The PhD Jury: How can we use ontologies to accelerate research in the behavioural sciences?'
27-06-2024 02:00 Symposium 'Meet the PhD Jury: Mapping gene regulatory networks in plants'
27-06-2024 09:00 Workshop 'Data-driven Approaches to Ancient Languages'
15-07-2024 09:00 Summerschool 'Methods in Language Sciences'
12-11-2024 08:30 Symposium 'Science for Health: AI, Data & Digitalization'