Start date Title
04-12-2023 08:30 Symposium 'Agrobiodiversity along the value chain'
04-12-2023 13:00 Workshop 'Horizon Europe training for coordinators Module 4 - advanced course: Impact'
04-12-2023 17:30 Workshop 'Getting Started with Python for Data Scientists'
05-12-2023 09:00 Info session 'Technology Transfer Skills: Funding for valorisation'
05-12-2023 16:00 Lecture 'ENLIGHT Equity & Sustainability Seminar'
05-12-2023 19:30 Lecture 'Bronze Age solid-hilted swords in Europe: from techniques to workshops'
06-12-2023 11:00 Symposium 'Rethinking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75'
06-12-2023 13:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD jury: Call Yourself Alive? Drive, Desire and Responsibility in Lacan'
07-12-2023 16:00 Lecture 'The War of Values: Political homophobia and instrumentalization of LGBTQ+ rights in Russia’s war against Ukraine'
11-12-2023 15:00 Lecture 'We’re happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way: Taylor Swift, digital bedroom cultures and escapism in an age of precarity'
11-12-2023 17:00 Info session 'From PhD to SME'
12-12-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Towards a new Belarus: A dialogue with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya'
13-12-2023 09:00 Symposium 'KBC Winter School for PhD candidates & postdocs - Bright Minds for Social Responsibility'
13-12-2023 14:00 Workshop 'Meet the PhD jury: Exploiting data compositionality using tensor products and hyperdimensional computing'
14-12-2023 10:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: Transient techniques in the investigation of catalytic processes'
14-12-2023 20:00 Lecture 'Disalienation: Politics, Philosophy, and Radical Psychiatry in Postwar France'
15-12-2023 16:00 Lecture 'Registered Reports 2.0 - The Peer Community In Registered Reports'
18-12-2023 13:00 Workshop 'Leverage your R Skills: Data Wrangling & Plotting with Tidyverse'
19-12-2023 12:00 Workshop 'Let's Talk! @ Faculty of Law and Criminolgy'
19-12-2023 16:00 Happening 'Language Café @ Faculty of Sciences'
20-12-2023 12:00 Lecture 'Political-economic requirements for averting climate breakdown and securing human well-being'
21-12-2023 04:00 Lecture 'Skeletal muscle in health and disease: A multi-modal analysis approach'
21-12-2023 13:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD jury: When the diseased liver disrupts the brain… and the GUT-PARFECT Trial'
22-12-2023 09:00 Workshop 'Dynamic Report Generation with R Markdown and Quarto'
09-01-2024 17:30 Workshop 'Exploiting Sources of Variation in your Data: the ANOVA Approach'
01-02-2024 09:00 Workshop 'Getting Started with NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis'
06-02-2024 17:30 Workshop 'High Dimensional Data Analysis'
09-02-2024 12:00 Symposium 'Empowering Patient Engagement in Research: Bridging Theory and Practice through Inspiring Testimonials'
15-04-2024 17:30 Workshop 'Machine Learning with Python'
20-05-2024 09:00 Workshop 'Structural equation modeling with lavaan'