Research projects of the Family Lab

Current research projects


Single Case Archive


The Single Case Archive compiles clinical and empirical single case studies in the field of psychotherapy. Currently ISI published single case studies from all different psychotherapeutic orientations are being included in the database. These case studies were screened by an international group of researchers for basic information on type of study, patient, therapist and therapy. The objective of this online archive is to facilitate the study of case studies for research, clinical and teaching purposes. With an easy to use search engine, the archive allows the quick identification of relatively homogenous sets of cases in function of specific clinical or research questions.


Every Relationship Counts: a quantitative study on couple dynamics in LGBTs (lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders) and heterosexuals. More than 5000 individuals and 500 couples took part in this study.

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ACCOMPLISSHACcelerate CO-creation by setting up a Multi-actor PLatform for Impact from Social Sciences and Humanities

An European project on the potential role of co-creation (i.e., innovative collaboration with stakeholders) to enable the societal impact of research within Social Sciences and Humanities

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Mentally is an European project that focuses on strengthening policy measures related to mental health care.

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Families in transition, transition in Families: A strategic basic research on the impact of social interventions in the judiciary, economy and education on the quality of life of families in transition

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Past research projects


Parenthood research

Goa project



Parenthood Research: An empirical bioethics approach to parenthood after medically assisted reproduction: a combined ethical and psychological approach to understand genetic and social parenthood.

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UGent Family Lab Couple Study

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We are continuously searching for couples and individuals who want to participate in future studies on romantic relationships at the 'Familylab' of Ghent University. These studies mostly consist of self-report questionnaires, diaries or interviews about the relationship. Sometimes we ask couples if we can observe their interactions. The studie are always in accordance with scientific and ethical guidelines, and after approval by a (medical) ethical committee.

Are you over 18, are you in a (heterosexual) relationship and do you like to participate in one or more of these future studies (either with or without your partner)?


You will be contacted with more information if a new study starts. Afterwards, you can decide whether you like to participate or not.



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Sexpert - Sexual Health in Flanders: A large-scale quantitative research project on the sexual health of people living in Flanders, Turkish and Moroccan ethnic minorities, and sexual minorities.

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IPOS - Research on Divorce in Flanders: This interdisciplinary research project explored the optimalization of divorce trajectories.

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Study in pregnant couples

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CallStudy in pregnant couples (< 3 months)

We are currently looking for heterosexual couples where the woman is pregnant for less than three months. We welcome couples with planned as well as unplanned pregnancies.


We ask both partners to complete two online questionnaires : a first questionnaire during the first trimester of the pregnancy (+/- 45 min.) and a second, shorter one during the second part of the pregnancy (+/- 5 min.). Questions encompass the decision to become parents (again) and both partners’ experiences with that decision. Participants must be able to speak Dutch.
Participation requires a request for login codes here.
More information about the study is available by  or on the website