Prof. Dr. Petra Warreyn

I am assistant professor in the Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology and member of the Research in Developmental Disorders lab.Petra Warreyn

My research interest mainly focuses on the early development of children with a developmental disorder (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder) and children with an increased likelihood of developmental problems and learning disorders (such as preterm born children). In this research, I also take the context (such as parent-child interaction) into account. I am, amongst others, involved in the Flemish TULIP and TIARA studies (, the European Training Network SAPIENS (, and the Belgian EOS project ‘Belgian Language in Autism Cohort’.

I highly value the exchange and collaboration between science and practice. Therefore, I am a board member of WAIMH-Flanders, and a member of the Advisory Committee for Education and the Scientific Platform of Sig vzw. I regularly give seminars and workshops for health-care professionals (including the ADOS-2 training).

Here you can find an overview of my publications.