Rachida El Kaddouri

Rachida El KaddouriRachida El Kaddouri received her Msc in Pedagogical Sciences in 2015 at Ghent University, graduating on the thesis To make a mountain out of a molehill: An ERP-study on cognitive reevaluation of negative emotions in children with and without ADHD, under supervision of Prof. Roeljan Wiersema. Additionally she completed a seven-month internship at the centrum for outpatient revalidation, in which her work mainly consisted out of therapeutic and diagnostic activities.

Currently, she is in her third year of her PhD. Her doctoral thesis will be based on the topic of implicit mentalizing (Theory of mind) in children with and without ASD. With her research she aims to get a better understanding of implicit mentalizing in ASD, what role of self-other distinction plays and what the neural underpinnings are. To investigate this, she uses neuro-imaging techniques such as EEG and fNIRS.





Van Cauwenberge, V., El Kaddouri, R., Hoppenbrouwers, K., & Wiersema, J.R. (2017). To make a molehill out of a mountain: An ERP-study on cognitive reappraisal of negative pictures in children with and without ADHD. Clinical Neurophysiology, 128(4), 529-537.