Key research areas/research labs

Key research areas

Ageing Fias lab
Agency & reponsibility Caspar lab
Animal cognition Verbruggen lab
Attention Boehler lab Bogaerts lab Fias lab
Behavioral economics Dirix/Duyck lab
Belief updating Notebaert lab
Biligualism Brysbaert lab Dirix/Duyck lab Hartsuiker lab
Cognitive Control Braem lab Holroyd lab Verbruggen lab
Cognitive flexibility Braem lab Notebaert lab
Computational modelling Holroyd lab Verguts lab
Decision making Braem lab Caspar lab Holroyd lab Notebaert lab Verguts lab
Development Bogaerts lab Verbruggen lab
Dyslexia Brysbaert lab Dirix/Duyck lab
Educational psychology Dirix/Duyck lab
Effort modulation Boehler lab Holroyd lab Krebs lab Notebaert lab
Error monitoring Notebaert lab
(Im)moral behavior Caspar lab
Individual differences Bogaerts lab Brysbaert lab Caspar lab Fias lab Verbruggen lab
Language Bogaerts lab Brysbaert lab Dirix/Duyck lab Hartsuiker lab
Language tests Brysbaert lab
Lateralization Brysbaert lab
Learning Bogaerts lab Verbruggen lab Verguts lab
Moral emotions Caspar lab
Motivation Boehler lab Krebs lab Notebaert lab
Multisensory integration Talsma lab
Numerical cognition Fias lab
Pro-environmental behavior Krebs lab
Reinforcement learning Braem lab Holroyd lab Krebs lab Verguts lab
Response inhibition Boehler lab Verbruggen lab
Social influences Caspar lab
Sports psychology Notebaert lab
Statistical learning Bogaerts lab
Study orientation Dirix/Duyck lab
Trauma; PTSD Caspar lab
Working memory Fias lab

Research consortia that the department is involved in