Information for organisations and companies


In the master years of the educational program Educational Sciences, students of the major Pedagogy and Educational Studies perform a 12 week research internship. During this research internship, students participate in an organization in the field, where they have to perform a research assignment.

Every internship takes place in the first semester in between August and December. Students can opt for an internship from an online list we place at their disposal, but they can also choose independently. The necessary paperwork is handled in the spring, making sure the internship can start come August.



The research groups within the department of Educational Studies allow organisations and companies to collaborate with students. Organisations and companies can approach us with themes and ideas suitable for a master's dissertation. We will then match them with suitable students. Both parties profit from this exchange.

Students get an exclusive opportunity that allows them to put some unique practice-oriented experience on their résumé. Organisations and companies can also benefit from this exchange of information.

The master's thesis can be considered the keystone of our master's program. The main goal of the master's thesis is for students - guided by a supervisor - to display their capacity to think and act scientifically, by moving through all the phases of a research cycle. This process culminates in a scientific text, the master's thesis.

If you are interested in this concept, you can get in touch with prof. dr. Martin Valcke () for more information.