The research within the research group 'Language, learning, innovation' focuses on three main themes, which are also studied in their interdependence in certain studies.


First, there is a research line that focuses on language and language education. Within this line, topics such as reading comprehension, reading motivation and reading promoting , writing education, etc. are discussed.

A second line of research focuses on the study of self-regulated learning. Both the issue of mapping ("measuring") self-regulatory learning among students and promoting self-regulated learning in educational contexts are addressed in this line of research. This line focuses on compulsory education (in particular primary education) and on higher education as research contexts.

Finally, a third line of research focuses on innovation. More specifically, it concerns implementing and evaluating innovative methodologies and teaching methods in education. The emphasis is on research about peer and student tutoring. Both effect research and process-oriented research to the underlying dynamics and interactions during tutoring are central. 

Research topics

Reading comprehension



Reading motivation



Text-based learning



Peer tutoring Metacognition



Self-regulated learning

  • Self-regulated learning on teacher level (elementary education): Mona De Smul







    Mind mapping



    Interactive book reading

    • Interactive book reading in the first and second grade of elementary education: Silke Vanparys





    The research group 'Language, learning, innovation' publishes its research in (inter)national journals and books. Furthermore, they present their research findings at (inter)national conferences.


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