Blijde Van Driessche

Former member associated with the research group 'Language, learning, innovation', within the Department of Educational Sciences, Ghent University.

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Blijde Van Driessche



Reading comprehension

Test developing




The ‘Diatoetsen’ are a method independent pupil tracking system developed in the Netherlands. The pupils can be followed and diagnosed from the fourth grade in primary education until the fourth grade of secondary education. The Diatoetsen are the result of years of practical research on the development of language and mathematics. The test can be filled in online and the results can be interpreted on school, class and pupil level. These results can help guide the didactics of the class practice. Furthermore, these tests are also standardized with the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

The focus of the Dia@be-project lies in the release of a reading comprehension test, ‘Diatekst’, adapted to the Flemish context. Diatekst consists of 5 reading comprehension texts in total. After completing 2 of these 5 texts, the test adapts to the students’ ability level. Together with the texts, the pupils get questions of different difficulty (micro, meso and macro level questions). When the test is developed, it will be entirely adapted to the Flemish school system and context.