Hilde Van Keer

Full professor and research coordinator of the research group 'Language, learning, innovation', within the Department of Educational Studies, Ghent University.white LLI

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Hilde Van Keer


Reading and writing (learning & instruction)

Self-regulated learning

Peer learning




I obtained a PhD in Educational Studies (UGent) in 2002. Within my PhD I focuse on promoting reading comprehension and the use of reading strategies through the implementation of explicit strategy instruction and the peer tutoring method in elementary education. In the context of this research, I worked for several years with different elementary schools. Learning materials for students and the manual for teachers 'A book for two' was developed within the research, as well as strategies for reading comprehension through peer tutoring and 'Another book for two'.

Currently my research focuses on three main themes, which are also studied in their mutual coherence. The first research line focuses on innovative methods and teaching methods in education. The emphasis is on research on peer tutoring and student tutoring. Both effect research and process-oriented research into the underlying dynamics and interactions during tutoring are central. A second research line focuses on the various components of self-regulated learning. Both the issue of mapping ("measuring") self-regulated learning among students and promoting it in educational contexts are considered in this research line. These first two lines of research focus on compulsory education (primary and secondary education) and on higher education as research contexts. Finally, the third research line focuses on language didactics, especially in elementary education. Within this line, themes such as reading comprehension, reading motivation and reading promotion, writing education, etc. are discussed.


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