Researching the role of social work in the non-take-up of social rights: a retrospective analysis of the pathways of people in poverty

PhD student: Lore Dewanckel
Summary: The central objective of this research project is to gain insight into and deepen the current knowledge about the complex and dynamic processes that are at play in the non-take-up of social rights of people in poverty. We adopt a dynamic rather than a static definition of non-take-up, that perceives non-take-up as a complex process. Research shows, for example, that there can be a lack of take-up of social rights due to the non-knowledge, the non-claiming and the non-reception of people according to their rights. Of great importance here is looking at the reasons behind this lack of take-up. Moreover, we define non-take-up as a lack of material as well as immaterial resources, and focus not only on the individual but also look at the relationship between the individual and the structural level.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Griet Roets, Koen Hermans (Centre For Sociological Research, KU Leuven)
Periode of time: April 2019 - April 2023