Your complete application package, including legalised documents and signed consent form, should be received by the Registrar's Office before the deadline. Hard copy is preferred, but in many cases, we can accept scanned documents. Contact the Registrar's Office to find the best way of handing in your documents.
Please be aware that the Registrar's Office can ask you to hand in or present your original application documents any time during the application or enrollment process. If you fail to do so, you cannot be enrolled.

Online application, hard copy application

  • start the online application. 
  • After the two steps of the online application have been concluded, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to send in your application package (hard copy).
  • The deadline is applicable to submitting your hard copy application. It is therefore not sufficient if you have started up the online application before the deadline.

Which deadline applies to me?

Students who need a visa Students who don’t need a visa
Start up online application October - February October - May
Hand in application package Before 1 MARCH Before 1 JUNE
UGent students submitting a new application Before 1 JUNE Before 1 JUNE
Applying for a Dutch programme Hand in application before 1 MARCH that precedes your enrolment in the Preparatory Year of Dutch Hand in application before 1 MARCH that precedes your enrolment in the Preparatory Year of Dutch


Current applications:

  • applications for 2021-2022 are CLOSED for students who require a visa. If you do not require a student visa, you must submit your application before 1 JUNE.


  • The applicant himself/herself is responsible for the visa application
  • Only complete application packages can be considered (the package must include a legalised copy of the diploma on which your application is based)
  • If your programme has a specific application procedure, please adhere to its deadlines and other procedures