Curriculum proposal: procedure

Add course units to your curriculum

  1. Go to and log on using your UGent account and password.
  2. In the left menu, go to  AY 20XX -20XX / Curriculum.
  3. Choose the option Edit Curriculum.
  4. Add one or more course units.

Please click the question mark button on the Oasis webpage to consult the online user guide for detailed instructions on adding course units to your curriculum.

Submit your curriculum for the faculty's approval

When you have completed your curriculum, you have to submit it for Curriculum Commitee's approval.

  1. Go back to the menu option Edit Curriculum and select the study programme of which you want to submit the curriculum by checking the check box in the left column.
  2. Click the button Submit for approval.
  3. If necessary add a comment and send your message to the faculty.
  4. Click the Continue curriculum submission button to submit your curriculum for approval.
    Your curriculum is now in status 'proposal' and you cannot edit it yourself anymore.
  5. The faculty will now consider your curriculum and either approve it, or return it to you and ask you to change it. The faculty itself may also change the curriculum or reject it.
    When your curriculum is approved, you can accept it and add your digital signature online.


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