Enrolment (on the basis of a Belgian degree)

You want to study at Ghent University. A wise choice. Enrol here as a student in 2 steps. Enrolment is entirely online.


Step 1: Register and make an enrolment application

  • Takes about 20 minutes.
  • Have the following documents ready:
    Your eID card (Belgian identity card), eID reader and pin code, or Itsme
    or Belgian social security number if you have one
    Passport photo: check instructions
  • If necessary click on the button at the top right 'in English'
    Register as New at Ghent University. Choose 'Register with Authentication Flanders (eID, Itsme)' if you have a Belgian identity card. This is a necessary step to register online.
    ! Only if you don't have a Belgian identity card, choose 'Register/Log in by creating an account'.
  • Make an enrolment application by clicking on 'Enrol'.
  • Submit your enrolment application.
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to finalize your enrolment.

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Step 2: Enrol

From 1 October the (re)enrolment period has expired.

After submitting your enrolment application, you must apply to enrol after the deadline. The curriculum committee will investigate whether you can enrol after the deadline. As soon as permission for a late enrolment is granted, you will be notified by e-mail to enrol.

If you already registered en made an enrolment application before 1/10, but you haven't enrolled yet, you also have to ask permission for a late enrolment first.

After enrolment, a welcome email will be sent.. In case you did not receive a welcome email or if you are unable to enrol online, please contact us by email.

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After registration you will receive an invoice with an initial fixed amount to be paid.

After approval of your curriculum, a final invoice will be drawn up based on the number of credits taken and sent to your UGent email address.

If your scholarship status changes in the course of the academic year, the settlement of your invoice will also change.

You can consult the payment status of your tuition fees on Oasis.

Amounts and more info



As soon as possible after registration, please submit a curriculum proposal (the courses you want to take up).

If you have not submitted a curriculum proposal before 15 November, the curriculum committee will compile a course package for you (i.e. always the case for a model route (MOT)).