FAQs on Blocked Accounts

When do I apply for a blocked account?

We strongly advise to start up the procedure at least 3 months before the start of your studies. However, 3 months is short for some countries as we see that it’s difficult to obtain visa appointments.
So: the earlier the better. Take also into account that during the summer the International Support closes for holidays (more information on the opening times here).

Don't set a visa appointment at your embassy or consulate before you went through all the necessary steps. The whole procedure can take 3 weeks or more.

What happens if I forgot to transfer the handling fee?

Oops… We can’t issue the certificate of solvency without this payment. Use the same unique reference number when doing this extra transfer.

Should I transfer more than €100,- for this handling fee?

No. €100,- covers the banking cost and administration cost.  

If I pay a higher handling fee, will I get the certificate faster?


Should I pay the handling fee again, because I have to wait for the confirmation?

Please don't pay it again. This creates extra work for our accounting colleagues. Just pay it once. Together with the amount due for the blocked account and use the correct reference number.

Can I receive an invoice for the handling fee?

No. You should add this amount yourself. It is impossible to add €100,- handling fee to the payment request.

What happens if you can’t come to Belgium because your visa was rejected?

Your money will be reimbursed into your account (The account from which the money was transferred. Please keep in mind we can’t transfer into some embargoed accounts)
How? Download and complete this form. Send it to international@ugent.be or solvencyphd@ugent.be if you are a PhD student.

Can I have the money reimbursed?

You arrived in Belgium, but you stop your studies? In case of earlier departure, please send, together with this form, a copy of your flight ticket along with the proof of departure delivered by the Migration Office to us by email in order to apply for a refund of the money that is left. We advise you to contact us at least two weeks before your actual departure. The money will be reimbursed into the Belgian account.

Can I have the handling fee reimbursed?

No. The handling fee (€100,-) is an administration cost and can't be reimbursed.

What about insurance?

All international students are obliged to have a health insurance during their stay in Belgium. Please read this information carefully!

When applying for your visa as a non-EU national, you will have to prove that you have, or will have health insurance.
Some scholarships (e.g. . Erasmus Mundus) include a health insurance. Please check this yourself.
Having health insurance in Belgium is compulsory, and the responsibility of the student.
We would like to emphasize that medical costs in the event of an accident or illness can be very high. Without a health insurance, the student will have to pay all costs.