film_tv_genre.jpegEditors (CIMS)

Daniel Biltereyst

Editors (Other)

Phillipe Meers

Year Publication



Academia Press


ISBN 90 382 0538 4






Film/TV/Genre focuses on the importance of genres and the issue of genre in film and television. In the first part of this reader, the authors discuss the field of academic research and theory about genre. The second part combines different contributions on specific film genres among others the western, the musical, the historical and the horror movie. The final part concludes with a study of the relationship between television and genre. Specific attention is paid to ‘female’ television genres and the entire transformation of genres under the influence of reality television.

This book combines contributions from domestic and foreign specialists such as Rick Altman (Iowa U), Eric de Kuyper, Willem Hesling (KULeuven), Dirk Lauwaert, Ernest Mathijs (Wales U), Maarten Reesink (UvAmsterdam) and Sofie Van Bauwel (UGent). Editors and co-authors are Daniel Biltereyst (UGent) and Philippe Meers (UAntwerpen).

Film/TV/Genre is the second publication in the book series Film & TV Studies . The first book was Bewegend Geheugen: Een Gids naar Audiovisuele Bronnen over Vlaanderen (2004) (Memory in Motion – Biltereyst & Vande Winkel, eds.). This multilingual series publishes critical academic research about film, television and contemporary screen culture.