Watching film: An account of contemporary film consumption preferences and practices amongst youth in Flanders aged 16 to 18

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Aleit Veenstra

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71 p.


The interuniversitary research project Screen(ing) Audiences (FWO, 2013-2017) explores film consumption amongst late teens in Flanders – the northern Dutch-speaking region of Belgium. This working paper offers a report on the first findings. Here, we summarize the most prominent results. Watching film is a popular leisure activity. We find that the traditional screens remain prevalent in watching film. Young people in Flanders prefer the cinema to watch film, while the most common way to watch film is on a television set. Films are usually watched with others. In the cinema, this is usually a boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend(s). At home, film is typically watched with family members. Third grade high school students in Flanders have a strong preference for Hollywood films, followed by Flemish film. European film is not well known and generally disliked. These preferences are reflected in most favorite films, actors, actresses and directors. We find continuous patterns in film preferences. Gender proves a strong indicator for preferences, with boys and girls indicating different film titles and actors as their favorite. In line with this finding, we observe clear differences in film genre preferences. Lastly, a small number of high school students in Flanders develop various activities surrounding film.