The diaspora kino-eye

A multi-methodological research project on diaspora film policies and representations in Flanders (2002-2021)

Researcher(s) (CIMS)

Alexander De Man

Supervisors (CIMS)

Daniel Biltereyst

Gertjan Willems

Funded by

Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)


Four-year research project: 01/11/2020 - 31/10/2024

This research project revolves around the political, industrial, and socio-cultural dynamics surrounding diasporic film practices in the region of Flanders (2002-22). By specifically focusing on the role of policy institutions (i.e., Flanders Audiovisual Fund, VAF) and industry gatekeepers, it aims to shed light on and formulate new questions about the ways in which state support, funding mechanisms, and industry norms directly or indirectly shape the mediated production of diasporic identities, cultures, and spaces. We regard diaspora cinema as a symbolic site of struggle where contemporary, hegemonic modes of representation can be subverted and where new codes and discourses can emerge. By adjoining the burgeoning field of critical film policy studies and by introducing a political economy perspective to the research field of diaspora film and media studies, this project will largely contribute to contemporary debates about cultural diversity and inclusion within (and beyond) Flemish cinema.