DICIS - A Scientific Research Network on Digital Cinema Studies

dicis.jpgDICIS A Scientific Research Network on Digital Cinema Studies

Supervisors (CIMS)

Daniel Biltereyst

Co-Supervisors (CIMS)

Lies Van de Vijver

Co-Supervisors (other)

Visual Studies & Media Culture, University of Antwerp: Luc Pauwels, Paolo Favero, Philippe Meers

Instituut voor Mediastudies, KU Leuven: Leen Engelen, Roel Vande Winkel

Utrecht Media History Group, Universiteit Utrecht: Frank Kessler, Judith Thissen, Clara Pafort-Overduin, John Sedgwick

Digital Innovation Lab, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Robert Allen, Pam Lach

Cinema & Audiences in Australia Research Project Group, Flinders University: Richard Maltby, Deb Verhoeven, Mike Walsh, Kate Bowles, Jill Julius Matthews, Colin Arrowsmith

Kinomatics: the industrial geometry of motion pictures, Deakin University: Deb Verhoeven, Colin Arrowsmith, Bronwyn Coate, Alwyn Davidson, Ben Eltham

Film Studies Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University: Daniela Treveri Gennari, Pierluigi Ercole, Paolo Russo

Department of Film Studies and Audiovisual Culture, Masaryk University: Pavel Skopal, Lucie Česálková

Film, Photography, Television & Audiovisual Studies, Catholic University of Milan: Mariagrazie Fanchi, Elena Mosconi, Alice Cati, Francesca Piredda, Deborah Toschi Spanish Film Analysis Group, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: Virginia Luzón, Quim Puig, Iliana Ferrer

Funded by

Research Foundation-Flanders (FWO, WOG, 2014-2018)


The digital turn within film studies has contributed to the creation of international ‘big data’ on film(historic) research into film as a text and film as a consumable good (production, distribution and exploitation). As a result international expertise on cinema studies crosses over to digital humanities to understand the use, contribution and meaning of digital tools for the discipline. DICIS is a catalyst for new research methods by deploying these digital tools within film and cinema studies. At the crossroads of cinema studies and digital humanities, DICIS main goal is to gather expertise on re-purposable and generative digital discovery tools to fortify the methodology and conceptual base of the digital turn. DICIS stimulates international comparative research by looking into compatibility, comparability and open access of databases on international film(historic) research.

DICIS contributes to the internationalization of scientific film research at the Flemish Universities of Ghent (UGent), Antwerp (UA) and Louvain (KULeuven) by organizing annual workshop, seminars and conference.