Screen(ing) Audiences

screening-black-small.jpgDigital screen culture to the test: a large scale study of young film audiences in Flanders

Researcher(s) (other)

Aleit Veenstra (UA)

Supervisors (CIMS)

Daniel Biltereyst

Supervisors (other)

Philippe Meers (main supervisor, UA)

Funded by

Research Foundation Flanders (FWO, 2013-17)


Screen(ing) Audiences is a project that researches contemporary film consumption and experiences amongst Flemish youngsters (aged 16-18). These audiences grew up in a digitalized media environment, with film being more prominent and accessible than it ever has been.

Screen(ing) Audiences is designed in three phases. First, a survey will be conducted, for which a representative sample will be drawn of 1000 Flemish respondents. In the second phase interviews will be conducted with a selection of youngsters who indicated willing to participate in further research while filling out the questionnaire. These findings are then confronted with the survey results in the integration phase. Through (integrating) these two approaches, a complex and rich view will be obtained on young people's contemporary film/cinema culture.

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