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Eline Huiberts


Eline Huiberts graduated for her Bachelor of Science in 2012 at University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. She studied Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology and specialized in the subjects of conflict, identity and nation-building. Her final project there was doing fieldwork for three months in an organized informal settlement in Johannesburg, South Africa. There she focused on how white people who are economically deprived, coped in South Africa after apartheid. In 2013 she received her M.A. in Media and Journalism at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. For acquiring her degree she carried out focus-groups to gain more understanding of people’s reactions to images of distant suffering on the news. Since February 2014 Eline started as a PhD student under supervision of Stijn Joye. She worked on a project that further focuses on how audiences perceive images of distant suffering and how they process these images. This project has made use of both quantitative and qualitative methods to study the complex reactions that can be elicited from such images. After successfully finishing this project and defending her PhD in March 2018, she has worked as a researcher in the Netherlands at a commercial research and consultancy agency. Currently she is affiliated with UGent and working on an international scholarly network for further international advancement of the study of the audience vis-à-vis mediated distant suffering. Initial results of this orientation will be presented at the ICA conference in Washington DC in May 2019. 

A full list of publications can be found here: Eline Huiberts

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Who cares? Audiences and mediated distant suffering