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Lennart Soberon


Lennart Soberon was a doctoral researcher and a teaching assistant at the Department of Communication studies the Ghent University, where he assisted the courses of film history and aesthetics, film analysis and media history. He holds a Master in Communication Studies, specializing in Film- and Television Studies. For his master thesis he conducted a thematic analysis on the representation of the War on Terror, graduating in 2013 with great distinction. His PhD-project, under the supervision of Prof. dr. Daniel Biltereyst, focussed on enemy image construction in American action thriller genre. In this research he combined a longitudinal study of Hollywood screen villains since the 1980s with a neoformalist analysis of cinematic practices of vilification. He also gives film introductions and lectures in the local cultural scene, and is the co-founder of Kinoautomat, a Ghent-based cinephile platform.

A full list of publications can be consulted here: Lennart Soberon

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