Leontine Hellemans

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Campus UFO - Technicum (ground floor T1), Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Ghent




Leontine Hellemans graduated in 2021 as a Communication Scientist, specialized in New Media & Society, at Ghent University (magna cum laude). For her Master Thesis, she conducted qualitative research on the role of online pornography in forming sexual fantasies of young adults. Afterwards, she enrolled in the Master of Gender and Diversity to further develop her interests in this field. In October 2022, she joined CIMS as a doctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Frederik Dhaenens and Prof. Dr. Sofie Van Bauwel. Her interpretative research mainly focuses on the relationship between online pornography and sexual normativity of Flemish young adults with diverse sexual identities.

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