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Mario Slugan


Mario Slugan is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellow at the Department of Communication Studies, Ghent University,  working on a European Union's Horizon 2020 funded project "Fiction, Imagination, and Early Cinema"  under the supervision of Professor Daniël Biltereyst. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Slavic Studies, German Studies, and Film and Television Studies. He has authored two books – Montage as Perceptual Experience: Berlin Alexanderplatz from Döblin to Fassbinder (Camden House, 2017) and Noël Carroll on Film: A Philosophy of Art and Popular Culture (I.B. Tauris, 2018, forthcoming) – with a third in progress (Fiction and Imagination in Early Cinema: A New Film History, I.B. Tauris). He is also the managing editor of an open-access peer-reviewed academic journal Apparatus: Film, Media and Digital Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe. He has taught at the University of Chicago, University of Warwick, and King’s College London.

A full list of publications can be consulted here: Mario Slugan

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Fiction, Imagination, and Early Cinema