Mario Slugan

From 2017 to 2019 Mario Slugan was a member of CIMS as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellow working on a European Union's Horizon 2020 funded project "Fiction, Imagination, and Early Cinema" under the supervision of Professor Daniël Biltereyst. Currently he  is Lecturer in Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London. He works on the intersection of film studies, philosophy and German studies. His current research is on the status of fiction and its temporal instability in artistic and non-artistic domains alike. Within film he investigates fiction's relationship to other film genre understood traditionally as non-fiction including documentary and experimental cinema. He has authored three monographs – Montage as Perceptual Experience: Berlin Alexanderplatz from Döblin to Fassbinder (Camden House, 2017), Noël Carroll on Film: A Philosophy of Art and Popular Culture (Bloomsbury, 2019) and Fiction and Imagination in Early Cinema: A Philosophical Approach to Film History (Bloomsbury, 2019, forthcoming). He has co-edited a special issue of Apparatus - Fiction in Central and Eastern European Film Theory and Practice (with J. Alexander Bareis, 2019) - is currently co-editing a special issue of Projections - Film Studies and Analytic Aesthetics in Dialogue (with Enrico Terrone, 2020, forthcoming), and is preparing a co-edited volume - New Perspectives on Early Cinema: Concepts, Approaches, Audiences (with Daniël Biltereyst).