Salma Mediavilla Aboulaoula

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Campus UFO - Technicum (ground floor T1), Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Ghent



Salma Mediavilla Aboulaoula holds a Master degree in Communication Sciences at Ghent University, specializing in Film- and Television Studies (summa cum laude). In March 2021, Salma started working as a teaching assistant and doctoral researcher at the Department of Communication Sciences. She currently supports the courses Media en Gender, Mediageschiedenis, Beeldcultuur- en Analyse, Televisiestudies, Ontwikkeling en Esthetiek van de Film and Cultural Media Studies. Her PhD-project, under the supervision of Prof. dr. Frederik Dhaenens, Prof. dr. Daniël Biltereyst and Prof. dr. Sofie Van Bauwel, focuses on the televised representations and online self-representations of diasporic Muslima youth in Flanders.