Tine Vervoort

Tine Vervoort


What is your main driver for doing research?
To understand the unique interplay between individual vulnerabilities, individual strengths, and social influences in the emergence and maintenance of physical and mental symptoms and translate it into practice.

Why do you believe that strengthening mental health is so important?
Because strengthening mental health is a basic right for each of us and contributes to better individual and societal well-being. Strengthening health tout court. Health in all its aspects: physical, mental and social. We need to put more effort into recognising and working with the reciprocal influence between body, mind and our social environment in which we live.

How could research change the world?
By being IN the world as a researcher. By connecting with others, by engaging in dialogue, by listening to what is going on in the world, listening to equality and inequality in health and healthcare on an individual, interpersonal and societal level, so that, conversely, that world can also give further direction to our research and grow from there.

With whom outside academia did you already collaborate and achieved important results?
By talking to numerous clinicians as well as persons with mental and/or physical problems. By bridging the gap between research and clinical practice; an inseparable connection that is particularly eye-opening and inspiring.