Wim Schrauwen

Wim Schrauwen


What is your main motivation for research?
Clinical work in the hospital has always been my starting point and I really felt - initially - as a pioneer. From a clinical perspective, I feel a strong need to build bridges, to be able to capture and organise the richness of experience and information. And to do it even better.

Why do you think that strengthening mental health is so important?
In the first place, I think of the attention paid to psychological problems, the negative social and personal connotations they carry. But in addition to psychopathology, also the way people make their way through the craziness of everyday life; how people have (a lack of) attention for their health (not only psychological); and that the connection with oneself and one's own body turns out not to be an obvious one.

How can research change the world?
The question will be in what sense it does. Research makes us think, stop, look at things from different perspectives, and in that sense, it is a necessary reflection on the way we work with people.

With whom outside academia have you already worked and achieved important results?
With patients, of course - yet they are the ones who achieved the significant results. With patient groups and their representatives, in drawing attention to and achieving certain aspects of patient care.