ACCESS - Equitable substance use treatment for Migrants and ethnic minorities: a policy analysis

Varying migrant and ethnic minorities (MEM) should be entitled to equitable substance use treatment (SUT) compared to non-MEM populations. In the absence of an established research domain, this study first aims at building a strong theoretical basis. This basis includes reflections on MEM substance user and provider experiences, the cultural competence discourse, MEM substance use prevalence from a social epidemiological perspective, MEM SUT need, demand and offer in the EU and Belgium. The empirical case studies whether and how Flemish substance use treatment policy aims at achieving access, removing barriers, creating responsive services and considering social determinants.  This analysis is informed by an ecosocial and social recovery perspective. In concert with a parallel PhD study on MEM experiences (Aline Pouille), this project aims at treatment and policy recommendations.


De Kock, C. (2020). Risk factors and dangerous classes in a European context : the consequences of ethnic framing of and among Turkish drug users in Ghent, Belgium. In B. Thom & S. MacGregor (Eds.), Alcohol, drugs and risk in historical and cross-cultural perspective : framing dangerous classes and dangerous spaces. Oxfordshire: Routledge.

De Kock, C. (2020). Cultural competence in substance use treatment for migrants and ethnic minorities : what’s the problem represented to be? SOCIAL THEORY & HEALTH.