Safe injection facility in Antwerp: a desirability and feasability study

Research Period



SODA - City of Antwerp


Cas BARENDREGT (Addiction Research Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Key Words

safe injection facility, Antwerp, feasability study


Under the authority of the Stedelijk Overleg Drugs Antwerpen (SODA) the Addiction Research Institute in Rotterdam is working on a desirability and feasability study of a safe injection facility for hard drug users in the city of Antwerp. The study will result in a report containing the following elements:

Environmental analysis of the existing drug scene (a.o. the 'De Coninck'-square and surroundings): type of drug scene, number of users that might be eligible for access to a safe injection facility, public support among neighbourhood inhabitants, drug users, treatment facilities, authorities.

Literature study: results of evaluations of other injection facilities, with focus on location, positive and/or negative effects on neighborhood, drug use and drug selling, estimation of the risk of attracting more users, feasable objectives, operational modalities, etc.

Preconditions in terms of locating a safe injection facility in Antwerp: what type of location (living area or rather metropolitan area, central versus remote location, social control versus nuisance for neighbors, supported by advantages and disadavantages of location of existing injection facilities.

Preconditions in terms of operation and infrastructure.

Recommendations regarding the aspects mentioned above.

Role of the ISD

Under the authority of the Addiction Research Institute of Rotterdam the Institute for Social Drug Research will provide an overview of the legal preconditions and the judicial feasability of the insertion of a safe injection facility in Antwerp.

Valorisation: publications and lectures

BARENDREGT, C. & RODENBURG, G. (2004). Een gebruiksruimte in Antwerpen: wenselijk en haalbaar? Rotterdam: IVO. Final report. (in Dutch)