Drug monitor Turnhout

Research Period

1 October 2015 – 31 March 2016


City of Turnhout



Key Words

Local, qualitative, monitoring



Reliable and relevant data for the benefit of the local drug policy are rare. Some data is available at the community or federal level. Local policy is faced with a lack of quantitative of qualitative data about the use of drugs and related problems. Because of their experience in developing and executing drug monitoring studies, the city of Turnhout asked the Institute for Social Drug Research to collect data considering the local drug phenomenon in Turnhout.

The study is thereby guided by the following central questions:

-Which groups of GHB-, speed-, and/or cocaine users are present in Turnhout?

-What are, according to GHB-, speed-, and/or cocaine users the main motives to start using and why do they continue to use?

-To what extent does Turnhout being geographically situated at the border with the Netherlands, influence the behaviour of local GHB-, speed-, and/or cocaine users?



To gather information about these 'hidden populations', the local monitor consists of two qualitative parts: mobilization of 4 community fieldworkers and in-depth interviews with 16 key informants.



By means of qualitative methods the youth monitor is intended to produce useful information on the nature and patterns of use GHB-, speed- and cocaine users, current developments and trends, the accessibility and appraisal of local treatment and the presence of risk groups or risk factors.

The researchers suggested a range of policy priorities based on the results of this qualitative study. The professional actors used the nominal group technique to further align the key priorities for further development of the local drug policy. These priorities are carried by the users as well as the professional actors and were presented to the local authorities.


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  • VLAEMYNCK, M., & DECORTE, T., (2016). Drug Monitor Turnhout. GHB, speed en cocaïne in beeld. Resultaten 2016. Turnhout: Stad Turnhout.