Student counselling

The Student Counselling Service adresses the students from first bachelor Law and Criminological Sciences. Its most important tasks are: course-specific tutoring, general tutoring and faculty services.

Concerning the course-specific tutoring the tutors are especiallly responsible for the first bachelor courses taught by the professors of the Faculty of Law. This tutoring consists of: attending lectures, individual assistance with course-specific and intrinsic difficulties and/or methodological problems, giving extra sessions, organizing test exams and exam support.

With regard to the general tutoring the Student Counselling Service organizes different theme sessions (introduction day, e-learning, planning, methods of study, exam mysteries, GIT,…). The tutors also have an important referring function. In that area they work closely together with persons responsible for tutoring in other faculties, with the Advise Centre for Students and other university services (eg. counselling of disabled students). Finally, the tutors also take care of the first contact with new potential students (study-information days and the information day organized by the faculty).

Student counsellors