Pax Moot Court

The PAX Moot Court is a specialised moot court competition between universities all over the world focusing on transnational law and private international law issues. 


The goal of the competition is to train law students in analysing and arguing on complex legal questions in international litigation, such as issues of jurisdiction, choice of law and enforcement, rather than on the merits of the case. Participants need to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the complexities and nuances of international conventions and EU regulations. In 2021, the case dealt with a dispute regarding the development and distribution of a vaccine against the SARS-Cov-2 virus. The questions included litigation with third countries and the rules relating to the recognition and enforcement of protective measures. In 2020, the case dealt with litigation with third countries, recognition and enforcement of protective measures and the question of the applicable law to a claim in tort for environmental damages and damages by ill-treated employees in the mining industry.  In 2019 the case dealt with the right of free movement and the derived right of residence for same sex couples and their family members. The case and schedule for the 2022 edition of PAX Moot Court will be published in the fall.


The competition consists of a written and an oral round.


The jury of the PAX Moot Court consists of professional judges, practising lawyers, professors and members of the Hague Conference of Private International Law. There are awards for the Best Written Pleadings, the Best Pleader and the Overall Winning team.


Participation in the Pax Moot Court is a unique chance to experience a simulation of a real-life case. It will sharpen your ability to work in a team and you will learn to analyse different aspects of a cross-border dispute as well as convince a panel of judges both through your written memorials and your oral pleadings. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to widen your network and to get in touch with top professionals in private international law and with students from other top universities in Europe and beyond. 


The UGent team will be selected by Professor Jinske Verhellen and her Pax Moot Court team. A detailed CV and motivation letter should be sent to Professor Jinske Verhellen ( by 30 September 5 pm. A specific introductory meeting will be held on 29 September at 9:15 am in Lokaal 8.1 Multimedialokaal (formerly: ‘the LLM room’).


Contact details:



29 September 2021 (09h15) Introductory session with supervisors Lokaal 8.1 Multimedialokaal (formerly: ‘the LLM Room’)
30 September 2021 (17h00) Deadline submission motivation letter, transcript of grades and CV Online
1 October 2021 (hour?) (Online?) interviews TBC



  • For additional questions, consult the relevant Ufora webpage or contact Professor Verhellen.