SLAM - Sports Law Arbitration Moot

If you are considering a career in sports law and you wish to get a taste of actual practice, the SLAM -Sports Law Arbitration Moot- is the course for you. The Sports Law Arbitration Moot includes all aspects of a real-life arbitration and focuses on written and oral advocacy in an international sports law context.


Sports Law Arbitration Moot is organized by the SportLex Law Institute and the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of law. The competition concerns a fictional case brought before CAS and is comprised of two stages. The first stage is called the written stage, during which every team must submit written pleadings for both the applicant and the defendant side. The best four teams of the SLAM competition will compete in the finals. The final chapter of the competition will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Both through the preparatory work, which will include several written and oral exercises, as well as the actual participation in the SLAM, students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of sports law, as well as their presentation and pleading skills.


Preparations begin in the first week of the academic year. Students who wish to participate must submit their CV, cover letters and a short comment on the Sun Yang case (max 1 page) by Thursday 30 September, 13h and will be invited to interview with the supervisors.


Contact details:





28 September 2021 (16h00) Introductory information session Aud. D
30 September 2021 (13h00) Application deadline Online
30 September 2021 (16h00) Interviews by appointment. If you are not available on Thursday between 16h and 18h, please indicate in your application another available time on Thursday. Alternatively, an interview could be scheduled on Friday afternoon. Lokaal 8.4 (formerly: ‘Aud. G’)



  1. Prospective participants are invited to send their CV, cover letter, and a short comment on the Sun Yang case (max 1 page) no later than Thursday 30 September 13h to
  2. Applicants will be invited for a short interview on the first Thursday or Friday of the academic year. 3. Questions may be directed to


Tentative Schedule (based on the 2020 competition, TBC)

  • October – November: preparatory classes and exercises
  • Beginning of December: distribution of the case
  • Mid-February: deadline for written pleadings
  • Mid-March: announcement of finalists
  • End of March: final pleading rounds in Ljubljana