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If you consider a career in (international) commercial dispute resolution and you wish to get a taste of actual practice, the Willem C. Vis Moot is the course for you. The vis moot includes all aspects of a real life arbitration and focuses on written and oral advocacy in an international commercial law environment. It is an excellent preparation for life as a legal professional and is regarded by many former students as the best part of their entire law degree.


The case is different each year but invariably includes a procedural issue concerning international arbitration and a substantive problem concerning the international sale of goods. Students with no prior knowledge in those areas need not worry. Considering the high pace and the practical nature of the competition, as well as the small group teaching, students usually get a good grasp of the relevant topics within weeks.


Preparations begin in the first week of the academic year. Students who wish to participate must submit their CV’s, cover letters and transcripts and will be invited to interview with the coaches. Depending on the academic merits and motivation of the individual applicants, we usually aim for a team of 4 to 6 students each year.


Contact details: maud.piers@ugent.be; kevin.ongenae@ugent.be       


Website: https://www.vismoot.org/

Apply / Questions

  1. Prospective participants are invited to send their CV, transcripts and cover letter, no later than the first Thursday of the academic year to the Vis Moot promotors.
  2. Applicants will be invited for a short interview on the first Friday of the academic year.
  3. Questions may be directed to the Vis Moot promotors


28 September 2022 (10h00) Introductory session with supervisors Room 8.3 (Campus Aula)
29 September 2022 (17h00) Deadline submission motivation letter, transcript of grades and CV

via email :

kevin.ongenae@ugent.be & maud.piers@ugent.be

30 September 2022 (AM) In person interviews Upon appointment (to be communicated)

Tentative Schedule:

  • Start of October: Distribution of the case
  • October - December: Preparation written memorandum for Claimant with weekly feedback sessions
  • December - January: Preparation written memorandum for Respondent with weekly feedback sessions
  • February – March: Intensive oral advocacy coaching + participation in several pre-moots throughout Europe
  • Easter holiday: Final pleading rounds in Vienna with +300 other teams from across the world

Past achievements

At the oral phase of the competition in Vienna, the Ghent team has made it to the elimination rounds on multiple occasions. The team also obtained several honourable mentions, both for its written memoranda and for students’ individual pleading performances.

Former team members have gone on to become law professors, chief executives and general counsel in major corporations, partners at local and international law firms, judges, high ranking (EU) civil servants, etc.

Testimonials, pictures and video materials

Participating in the Vis moot was academically probably the most interesting course I followed, and from a personal perspective, the most enriching one. I got to experience first hand what arbitration entails, through interactive lectures, dedicated coaching and high level arbitration moot courts across Europe with authorities in the field of arbitration. It is a ‘must do’ for every law student interested in dispute resolution



Best hands-on experience for my future career that I obtained throughout university.


The Vis Moot was a different class. If you study law at Ghent and don’t do the Vis Moot you’ve basically not studied law at Ghent [perhaps a slight exaggeration – editor’s note]. I not only made friends for life, but got a job off the back of it. A great experience.



The Vis Moot has not only helped me build my confidence and character, but also introduced me to the world of arbitration alongside colleagues that are now longtime friends



I have nothing but happy memories from the Vis Moot. I picked up skills that I would not have learned in other legal courses and got to work on a realistic case with people from many different backgrounds. It was the most challenging course I ever took, but also the most rewarding one. The best part is that you get to travel around Europe and compete in Vienna against teams from all across the globe. You will get the opportunity to network with arbitrators and lawyers in Brussels and abroad, which is always helpful when job hunting later on. You will make memories and friends for life, which is always handy when you are traveling and in need of a place to stay.