Our research units

Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP)

The IRCP is a robust and at the same time flexible research institute that focuses on research with a short and longer duration, on education, expert training, policy advice and ad hoc consultancy assignments.

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Knowledge and Research Platform on Privacy, Information Exchange, Law Enforcement and Surveillance (PIXLES)

PIXLES is an interdisciplinary knowledge platform and research consortium with a focus on current societal dilemma’s and developments in the context of privacy, information exchange, law enforcement & surveillance

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IDC research consortium Crime, Criminology and Criminal Policy (IDC Crime)

Based at the Faculty of Law and Criminology the IDC CCCP deals with the domain of deviance/crime and its (policy) response, as well as diverse security related areas. Currently, the consortium brings together 18 scholars from different disciplines in six departments working inter-disciplinary on security, crime and deviance related topics in local, national, European and international contexts.

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The Metamedica Platform conducts and facilitates interdisciplinary academic research and provides integrated education in health privacy, health law and biomedical ethics.

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Constituent engages in the study of constitutional law and constitutionalism in a national and international context.

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Migration Law Research Group
The Migration Law Research Group studies national, European and international asylum and migration law in an integrated and critical manner, with particular attention for human rights implications.

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Human Rights Centre

The Human Rights Centre is an academic centre specialized in human rights law. the HRC host a dynamic international team, counting many young researchers and of has a broad research and teaching expertise, covering international, regional, national and comparative law of human rights.

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IDC Human Rights Research Network

The consortium brings together Ghent University researchers working on human rights. It furthers interdisciplinary collaboration in human rights research. In this manner it aims to increase excellent human rights research at Ghent University and to advance the societal impact of this research in close collaboration with societal stakeholders.

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Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute

The activities of the Institute span the entire realm of public international law, ranging from the law of armed conflict and international human rights law, to the law of the sea, international environmental law, international criminal law, and international economic law, as well as the history of international law.

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Ghent European Law Institute

The Ghent European Law Institute researches legal developments in the EU integration process. Specific attention is devoted to the legal framework of the EU's external action,

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Institute for Private International Law

The Institute for Private International Law aims to increase the knowledge of private international law and wants to contribute with fundamental and societally relevant research to the further development and critical evaluation of this field of law.

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Centre for Environmental and Energy law
The Centre for environmental and energy law is the research unit in which research is conducted with regard to environmental law (environmental law, spatial planning law) and energy law.

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Maritime Insitute

The Maritime Insitute conducts legal and multidisciplinary research with a focus on oceans and related activities (law of the sea, shipping economics and green ports, fisheries, marine spatial planning.

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Lab for International & Interdisciplinary Social Affairs (LIISA)
LIISA aims to conduct high quality research into national and international social policy aspects from a legal, sociological, psychological and economic point of view.

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Ghent Legal History Institute
The Ghent Legal History Institute  wants to go beyond a mere historical analysis of law. It prefers a contextual legal history, which sees law as a product of a context that in turn influences that same context.

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Institute for Social Drug Research (ISD)
The ISD wants to play a prominent part in the social scientific collection and transfer of knowledge regarding different aspects of the use of drugs, drug trafficking and drug policies.

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Law & Technology
'Law & Technology' focuses on understanding, interpreting and critically evaluating (1) the legal impact of technology and technology-based or technology-facilitated processes and behaviours and (2) the potential of technology to facilitate or enrich legal processes or procedures.

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Consumer Law Institute
The Inter-University Centre for Consumer & Law is a collaboration between the research group ' Company & Right ' of the University of Antwerp and members of the research domain economic law of Ghent University.

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Center for the Law of Obligations and Property
The Center for the Law of Obligations and Property is a collaboration of researchers in the field of civil law, former members, voluntary scientific staff and academic consultants, operating in the law of contract, tort and property.

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International Research Institute on Social Fraud (IRIS)
IRIS collects and provides information on social security fraud in the broadest sense of the word. This information can either be of regional, national and international importance

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Financial Law Institute
The main research areas within the Institute financial law are financial and economic, including private and public banking law and capital market law, as well as company law and corporate governance.

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Tax Law Institute

The scientific research at the Tax law institute is diverse. It concern general principles of tax law, personal income taxation, corporate income taxation, inheritance taxation, tax law procedures, as well as international and European tax law.

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Institute for Procedural Law

The Institute for Procedural Law was established in 1996 to underline the own identity of procedural law and to serve as main point of contact for all questions relating to this area of the law, which is of great importance for both legal science and legal practice. Its members are conducting fundamental research on all matters concerning both public and private procedural law that take place in a national or European context.

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Centre for the Future of Dispute Resolution

The Centre for the Future of Dispute Resolution assembles a group of researchers around the topic of dispute resolution. The research covers a broad range of issues that all relate to the way in which dispute resolution is evolving as a result of a series of social developments, such as digitalization. Two strands of research can be distinguished. A first important line of research concerns the role and position of the human decision-maker and questions whether the role of technology will change human value in dispute resolution. A second strand focuses on analysing the weight given to concerns of legitimacy as opposed to standards of efficiency and the specific role that party-autonomy is attributed in this specific balancing exercise. Specific questions arise here concerning the fundamentals of dispute resolution and the legal framework within which it operates. These topics are examined from an international, comparative and multi-disciplinary perspective.

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Administrative Law

Administrative Law is the research group within the Faculty of Law and Criminology that is dedicated to the research of administrative law.

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